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The tale of Partners is a wonderful love story. They fell in love with each other and their music. It was November 27th1994 Thanksgiving when Partners Bonnie and Ted came to be. Bonnie was playing a single piano act at the Eldorado Bar in Lowell just outside of Bisbee when who walked in? Ted. The birth of Partners was love at first sight.

Partners started playing music at some of the local venues like Turquoise Valley Golf and the Copper Queen Hotel. Partners even spent a few summers playing music at Zion in Utah. Partners played many years at the Bright Spot in Palomias and The Crystal Palace in Tombstone plus various RV Parks through out Southern Arizona. You name it and they’ve played there… from festivals to weddings, Honky Tonks to barn dances they’ve been there and done that and they’re still doing it…

Now let’s give you some history about Ted Bax.

Hi everyone,

About UsMy name is Ted Bax and I’m the guitar/ singer song writer half of “Partners”. I was born in Ogden Utah and my father played guitar and he bought my first guitar for me when I was seven years old. He taught me to play several chords and by the time I was eight, I was able to accompany my cousin and I while we sang a couple of songs in church.

I played the guitar in our high school’s freshman student band. There were four of us and we played country songs and rock-n-roll songs at the high school dances. I was only a sophomore when I was invited by the senior student band to play my guitar with them at the senior prom. I felt like a big shot, rock star and my status among my peers reflected that…all of a sudden I was cool and popular. There was definitely something to this guitar playing thing!

As we grew older it turns out that my younger brother was a much better guitar player than I was so I took up playing the bass. One day a friend of mine who trained horses was thrown from one and the fall broke his arm. He asked if I could cover for him at the tri-county bar playing the bass on the weekend nights. I actually got paid to play country music. I played the bass for years with various bands and then one evening I walked into the Eldorado Bar in Lowell Arizona and there was a young beautiful keyboard player and singer named Bonnie Starr playing by herself and sounding good. BINGO… I had found my life’s partner. I was still able to play the guitar fairly well so it was no trouble for me to play and sing along with Bonnie right away and…“Partners” was born.

We got married and have played together now for over 15 years. We’ve played numerous weddings, honky-tonks, grand openings, concerts and just about every event you can imagine that might need some live music and we expect to continue for many years to come.

Now let’s give you some history about Bonnie Starr.

Hi everyone,

About UsMy name is Bonnie Starr and I’m the Keyboard/singer, song writer half of “Partners”. I was born in Rockaway New, York but lived most of my life in Tucson Arizona in a musical family. My Dad played Tenor Saxophone in band and my Mom was a Jazz dancer. I always loved music but it wasn’t until after high school that I decided to go to music school. I studied piano and voice at Pima College and the University of Arizona in Tucson Arizona. I actually studied Opera! What was that all about? Anyway I really enjoyed playing all styles of music from jazz to Rock, Country to old standards, I loved it all!

In the early 90’s I was a voice and piano teacher and a member of a music school called “Music Instructor’s Collective”. That was a great experience. I also played with numerous bands. One of them was called “The Flip Siders”. We played nothing but oldies how fun is that? My real calling has always been Country music. I just love it! I traveled to Branson Missouri in my old Volkswagen bus one summer. What a trip! I played my keyboard and sang everywhere I could. It was lots of fun but I missed Arizona so I guess you could say I was homeward bound. In the fall of 1994 I was playing a single piano act at the Eldorado Bar in Lowell just outside of Bisbee Arizona when who walked in the door? The love of my life Ted. It’s been an incredible journey playing music together. We’ve been married over 16 years and it doesn’t get better then this. That’s why we are “Partners”.

About UsWe now live on 4 acres in Hereford Arizona along our two horses Comet, and Patches Gordy goat and two dogs, Rusty and Daisy we call it “Partners Ranch”. We have written and recorded several songs here at our Ranch and we expect to continue playing and writing songs for many years to come. We love what we do and it shows…

Partners is a great cover band plus a terrific party band and dance band playing your favorite country music and is available for Weddings, Parties, Events,Banquets, all Entertainment. We will do everything we possibly can to make sure your special event is indeed… Very Special.

“Please support, live country music in Sierra Vista Arizona, Tucson, Green Valley, Willcox, Douglas,Benson, Phoenix, Tombstone, Southern Arizona.

Thank you “Partners band” featuring Bonnie Starr and Ted Bax“

For booking information contact: 520-227-3507